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Cosmic showdown - Participate on our Discord giveaway!

Astro Art Finland is thrilled to announce another exciting giveaway exclusively for our dedicated Discord community, as we celebrate our continuously expanding family of astronomy enthusiasts!

To join in on the giveaway, simply share a captivating astronomy-related image that you've personally captured in our dedicated #giveaway2023 on our Discord channel complete with a compelling description. We want to hear the narrative behind your image and the artistic journey that led to its creation – so let your creativity shine!

Not yet a member of our Discord? Join our community here:

In this celestial competition, your likes serve as votes of approval. Show your support for the images you believe deserve to win by using the thumbs-up emoji only; other emojis won't be counted.
The grand reveal of our winners will take place at the year's end, with the competition closing its curtains on January 1st 12.00 UTC. So, get ready to share your astronomical masterpieces and be a part of this celestial showdown!

1st place prize is a Optolong 2” L-eNhance filter, the perfect companion for OSC narrowband imaging

2nd place prize is ZWO MFW 1.25” filter wheel, to make your filter changes a breeze!

3rd place prize is Celestron NEXYZ 3 smartphone adapter, this cell phone adapter is a top of the line product that fits most telescopes so you can capture amazing images with your smartphone!

We will also choose three random entries from all of the images that will win Sky-Watcher Dual LED flashlights to help you out on your next astronomical adventure!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each member of our Discord community for making Astro Art Finland a hub of creativity, knowledge, and shared passion. Keep gazing at the stars, capturing the cosmos, and sharing your cosmic wonders with us. Here's to an even brighter future of stargazing and celestial exploration together!