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Get started in lunar astrophotography!

Embarking on a journey in astrophotography can be a thrilling experience, and one of the best celestial objects to start with is the Moon. With the ever-changing terminator, the lunar surface presents a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow, providing amateur astronomers with a fascinating view.

To begin, you can use a DSLR camera and a telescope to capture still images of the Moon. However, if you're seeking more detailed images, we recommend using a dedicated astronomy camera to shoot a video of the lunar surface. This video can later be processed to select the sharpest moments and stack them to reveal even finer details! The best part is that lunar photography can be done from urban areas, as light pollution doesn't interfere with the images.

For inspiration, check out these stunning photographs of the Moon taken with an 8” Newtonian telescope and a ZWO ASI178MM camera. Get ready to capture some breathtaking shots and embark on an unforgettable astronomical journey!

Here are some great camera options to photograph the moon in both B&W and colour!

ZWO 178MM: