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Easter Egg Hunt

To celebrate Easter, Astro Art offers huge discounts, all in-stock mounts, telescopes and selected accessories are -10% off! So grab the best Easter eggs of Easter in your basket from our campaign page! More than two hundred products are available at discounted prices! For example beginners are in for a treat with Omegon AC 80/400 and Omegon AC 102/660 AZ-3 mounts, both are -15% off!

There are also treats for more advanced hobbyists and photographers, all ZWO and Player One Astronomy cameras, filter wheels and a customized range of telescopes are -5% off! Not forgetting the excellent Sky-Watcher Skyliner -Dobsonian telescopes, which are also sold for a great deal.

So what are you waiting for, grab the best Easter deals in your basket before they run out!

Click here to see the campaign page!