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New planetary cameras from ZWO

Are you looking to take your astrophotography to the next level? Look no further than our wide range of ZWO ASI cameras, the perfect choice for capturing stunning images of the cosmos!

ASI224 - a perfect choice for beginners

For those just starting out, the ZWO ASI224MC is a great entry-level camera. With a high sensitivity sensor, this camera is perfect for capturing detailed images of the moon, planets, and other bright celestial objects. With its low read noise and high dynamic range, this camera is perfect for capturing both the brightest and faintest details in your images and with a fast frame rate, you can easily capture videos and stack them to create stunning images of planets like Jupiter or Saturn or the surface of the moon. It is also an excelent choice to use as a guide camera for your deep sky astrophotography setup!

ASI662MC - for the advanced solar system imagers

The ASI662MC camera uses the latest Sony IMX662 sensor technology, which incorporates advanced STARVIS 2 technology. This camera boasts several improvements over its predecessor, the ASI462MC, including zero amp glow, greater sensitivity in infrared light, and three times larger full well capacity. As a result, the ASI662MC can be considered an upgraded version of the ASI462MC. This camera also boasts an impressive framerate of 107.6fps at full resolution.

ASI 678MC - smaller pixels and higher resolution

ZWO ASI678MC is a versatile and capable astronomy camera that is perfect for solar system photography enthusiasts looking to take their imaging to the next level. With an impressive 4K resolution video and high sensitivity to infrared-light, low read noise, and advanced sensor technology with Sony STARVIS 2 make it an excellent choice for capturing stunning images of the solar system. It is considered to be the successor of ASI178 -series of cameras.

Don't settle for less when it comes to capturing the beauty of the cosmos. Order your ZWO camera today and start capturing images that are out of this world!