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Exciting new products!

Embarking on an astronomical journey requires more than just a passion for the stars; it demands cutting-edge equipment that can unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. In this blog post, we'll delve into three brand new products that cater to both novice astronomers and seasoned stargazers, offering a seamless blend of performance, innovation, and versatility.

William Optics Pleiades 68mm: A Gem Among Small Refractors

The Pleiades 68mm telescope from William Optics stands out as a gem among small refractors. Boasting seven optical elements, including three super ED glass components, this telescope delivers exceptional clarity and resolution. Its corrected image circle of 48mm out of the box ensures stunning visuals, while the innovative WIFD internal focusing system and compatibility with the ZWO EAF make it a user-friendly and efficient choice for astronomers.

This stylish telescope is not only a delight to use but also an astrophotographer's dream, capturing intricate details of celestial objects with unparalleled precision. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced observer, the Pleiades 68mm telescope promises an immersive and awe-inspiring celestial experience.

Askar ColourMagic C Filter Set: Elevating Astrophotography to New Heights

The Askar ColourMagic C filter set is here to transform your imaging endeavors. Specifically designed for deep-sky imaging, this duo-band filter package includes the Hα+OⅢ Duo-band filter (C1) and the SⅡ+OⅢ filter (C2). Together, they create the comprehensive ColourMagic C 2" Duo-band filter package, significantly enhancing image contrast and revealing intricate features in celestial objects.

What sets this filter set apart is its ability to simplify the astrophotography process for color camera users. By eliminating the need for a mono camera and H/S/O narrowband filters, the ColourMagic C filter set adds a layer of enjoyment to the hobby. Even in regions affected by urban light pollution, this filter package proves effective in capturing high-quality deep-sky images, making it a must-have for astrophotographers seeking excellence.

Sky-Watcher EQ-AL55i PRO SynScan: Precision and Portability in One

Last but not least: Enter the Sky-Watcher EQ-AL55i PRO SynScan mount – a game-changer for astro-photographers and visual observers alike. This mount's dual-position counterweight bar allows usability at all latitudes from 0-90 degrees, solving challenges faced by users in extreme latitude areas. With a 10kg payload capacity and a 45mm dovetail saddle, it accommodates a variety of OTAs and peripheral equipment, making it a versatile choice for astronomical endeavors.

The EQ-AL55i PRO is not just powerful; it's also smart. Controllable with a smart device through its built-in Wi-Fi module and the free Synscan Pro App for iOS or Android, this mount adds a layer of convenience to your observing sessions. The built-in illuminated polar scope ensures precision alignment, while interfaces for USB-C, autoguider, optional SynScan hand controller, and SNAP shutter control for DSLRs make it a comprehensive solution for astronomical imaging.


In the ever-expanding universe of astronomy and astrophotography, having the right equipment is crucial for unlocking the secrets of the cosmos. Whether you're a beginner exploring the night sky or an advanced astrophotographer pushing the boundaries, these products promise to elevate your astronomical experiences to new heights.