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All new Askar V interchangeable telescope system!

Introducing the Innovative Askar V – an interchangeable telescope system that's now available at our store! This one-of-a-kind telescope system is equipped with two interchangeable lenses - 60mm and 80mm - and is complemented by a reducer, flattener, and extender to provide an even more customizable viewing experience.

The high-quality ED glass lenses of both V60 and V80 are designed to offer a clear, high-contrast view of the cosmos, making it a great choice for astronomy enthusiasts. Additionally, the Askar V telescope system comes with a new scaled 360° rotator and finder base, 1.25” and 2” visual adapters, and threaded connections that allow you to attach your cameras securely to the optical tube.
The multifunctional handle design of the Askar V makes it more portable and easier to connect to Vixen style finder base and accessories, which means you can take your telescope on the go with ease. So if you're looking for a telescope that's both versatile and high-quality, the Innovative Askar V telescope system is definitely worth considering.

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