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Spot the pollen coronas!

Pollen coronas are optical phenomena caused by the interaction of light with tiny particles of pollen suspended in the air. When light passes through a cloud of pollen, it bends and scatters, creating colourful rings of light. These rings, resembling halos or coronas, showcase an array of vibrant hues, captivating anyone lucky enough to witness them. During the spring and summer time keep an eye out for them! So, venture outdoors, immerse yourself in nature's wonder, and if you’re lucky - prepare to be dazzled by the delicate dance of light and pollen in the sky!

Tips for Photographing Pollen Coronas:
Set your camera to manual mode for more control. Experiment with different exposure times to capture the vivid colors and delicate details. Position yourself behind something to block out the sun to see the corona better. Once you've captured your shots, you can enhance the colors and fine-tune the image in post-processing software. Adjusting the saturation and contrast can help bring out the brilliant colour of the pollen coronas.